The Taylor Turbochaser

2nd February 2020
The Taylor Turbochaser Book Cover The Taylor Turbochaser
David Baddiel

Amy wants to become a racing car driver. There is just one small problem. Amy is in a wheelchair due to a car crash when she was younger. Amy’s wheelchair is broken so she gets a new electric wheelchair which was given to her from her divorced Dad who lives in Scotland.

One of her friends at school called Rahul, who is an inventor, helps her devise a plan. He will modify her wheelchair to become a car. Amy gives him her new wheelchair and uses her old one.

Her mum becomes suspicious about her using her old wheelchair so she asks Amy why she is using it. Amy says she is getting used to her new one but really Rahul us turning the Mobilicon Xr-207 into a supercar. Amy’s wheelchair is finally finished. Amy brings her mum and brother to Rahul’s garage for her mum’s reaction to be "What is that!" It doesn’t even look like a wheelchair. While this was going on, Amy’s brother put the image of it on Snapchat. Then Amy’s dad finds out. He wants it taken apart in 3 days or he will get it taken away.

So Amy comes up with another plan. Take it to her dad in Scotland to show him how amazing the car is and what an amazing driver she is!

Does she get to Scotland?

Does her Dad like the car?

Does her car go fast?

Read the book to find out. I give this book 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars and recommend it to all 9+ readers.


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