The Trials of Apollo – The Hidden Oracle

11th June 2017
The Trials of Apollo – The Hidden Oracle Book Cover The Trials of Apollo – The Hidden Oracle

Apollo was a God until his father Zeus made him into a mortal. He also made him fall from the sky and land in a dustbin in New York. Soon a pair of thieves turn into the alley he is in and try to rob him, so a little girl called Meg helps Apollo as he didn’t have his Godly powers anymore. This sparks a friendship between them but they are still in danger because spirits are following them. They need to get to get to Camp Half-Blood to be safe but how do they get there? They just ask the famous Percy Jackson to take them there but strange things are happening at Camp Half-Blood. People are going missing and Apollo needs to find an oracle to save the day.

Does Apollo and Meg’s friendship last?

Does Apollo get to Camp Half-Blood?

Does Apollo become a God again?

Read the book to find out!

I really enjoyed this book and it kept me on the edge of my seat. You don’t need to have read the Percy Jackson books to understand this series. I recommend this book to 9+ Percy Jackson and mythology fans. I give it 5*****.


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