The Usbourne Mini Astronaut’s Handbook

27th April 2015
The Usbourne Mini Astronaut’s Handbook Book Cover The Usbourne Mini Astronaut’s Handbook
Louie Stowell

It was a good information book. It taught me all about how to be an astronaut for example, how life is on the ISS (International Space Station). Did you know that to be an astronaut you need to be: a generally healthy person; bright and hardworking; friendly and fine in small spaces? I won’t be a good astronaut because I need to be comfy and can’t live in small spaces! I can’t wait for the official book to come out.



I like the footnotes that give you little snippets of information which will be more detailed in the real book, e.g. how they pee and poo! Also, I like the colourful illustrations.

We give the book 10/10.



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