The World of Warriors: A new Hero

5th July 2015
The World of Warriors: A new Hero Book Cover The World of Warriors: A new Hero
Curtis Jobling

This book is about a boy who goes on an adventure to a different land and this is how his adventure begins!

One day, Trick was in his grandfather’s second hand book shop; like he was every morning and they discussed Trick’s pendant that his mum had bought for him. Later that day Trick, was in a comic shop as he liked comics. As he left he bumped into three bullies. They took his comics and tried to take his wallet but he managed to escape. They chased him around town until he reached The British Museum. He ran past the curtains into a new exhibition and then ran into a room at the back. It was full of mannequins! Soon 2 of the 3 bullies found him and the smallest one had a metal pole in his hand. Trick saw a dish made of the same thing as his pendant but as soon as he got close to it, his pendant stuck to it like a magnet and it nearly strangled him. The youngest bully was about to hit him with the pole but then a blue piece of light sucked him in!

He lifted his head out of some salty water and this is how his adventure begins!

I recommend this book to 11+ fantasy readers who don’t mind sad endings.

I give the book 4 ½ out of 5 because I expected it to continue with the story but if there is a second one, I will still read it!



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