The Yoghurt Plot

29th April 2014
The Yoghurt Plot Book Cover The Yoghurt Plot
Fleur Hitchcock

This book is about a boy called Bugg who has just moved house. He and his brother, Dilan have discovered a time travelling fridge!!!! It makes yoghurts which make you time travel when you eat them.

They need to learn the rules of time travel because the first time they did it, they left gerbils behind (the gerbils belonged to a girl called Lorna who was with them) and then they left a plastic bag which exploded a land drain and destroyed Shabbiton.

During their time travelling adventures, they go on a mission to stop the town pier from burning down. Granddad was young then and he was in a dance competition that was stopped because the pier burned down!!!!!!

Can they stop it????

Do they change time????

Can Granddad win???

Read the book and find out! 🙂

I recommend this to 9+ time travelling fans who like good fictional stories.

I give it 10/10


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