There May Be a Castle

24th October 2016
There May Be a Castle Book Cover There May Be a Castle
Piers Torday

This book is about a boy called Mouse, his toy horse, his sisters and his mum. At the beginning of the story, Mouse’s family were packing to go to see their Grandad and Grandma. So, they started their long journey. Halfway through the journey, they went off road. Suddenly, the car started to skid and spin and Mouse flew through the windscreen but landed safely – apart from a pain in his arms. This is where the story BEGINS.

All of a sudden, Mouse woke up because he felt water on his face, then he saw a tongue, then wool and finally a sheep! He stood up in the field to be greeted by his new friend who he decided to call Bar. At that moment, a horse came galloping from the forest and came to a halt in front of Mouse.

Is this all a dream or is real?

Is there a baddie in this book or is it just a boring old story?

Is there really a castle?

You’ll have to read the book to find out! I recommend it to 7+ readers. I give it 5*.

I really liked the way that each chapter switched from Mouse to his family who are in the broken, upside down car and how the author changes the font of the text to reflect this.

I would have liked to have seen a few illustrations in this book as the illustrations on the front cover make you want to pick up the book and read it!


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