They didn’t teach THIS in worm School!

30th July 2016
They didn’t teach THIS in worm School! Book Cover They didn’t teach THIS in worm School!
Simone Lia

This book is about a worm called Marcus and a bird called Laurence, who wanted to go to Lake Nakuru in Kenya because he wanted to be with the flamingos, even though he wasn’t one! So, Marcus slid up Laurence’s back and they started to fly towards Kenya. Marcus only went on the trip to help his new friend, Laurence navigate.

At one point, they flew by pylons and thought they were lots of Eiffel Towers connected with wires! Obviously they can’t have been the Eiffel Tower because there is only one and it’s a different shape to a pylon!

Their flight didn’t go to plan because they didn’t get to their final destination! However, they found a place that was just as good. On their journey they made friends as well as enemies.

I give it 5* because I enjoyed the book and liked the pictures. If you are 8+ and like funny stories, you’ll love this book!


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