Time Travelling with a Hamster

9th December 2015
Time Travelling with a Hamster Book Cover Time Travelling with a Hamster
Ross Welford

Albert Chaudhury is 12 and has received a letter from his dad; his dead dad. He has to break into his old house to get a second letter. This letter tells him how to time travel back to 1984 to prevent his father’s tragic death in a go-kart accident. He has to do all of this whilst trying not to lose his precious hamster Alan Shearer and keeping it a secret from his granddad Byron, his mum, step-dad Steve and step-sister Carly.

Can he time travel?

Does he cause an accident or does he save his dad?

Does he lose his hamster?

This book has a rollercoaster of emotions and it ends with a cliff-hanger. I would really like to read a sequel. I recommend this book to ages 11+ as it has some inappropriate content for younger readers.

I give it 5*.


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