Timmy Failure 6 – Cat Stole my Pants

25th April 2017
Timmy Failure 6 - Cat Stole my Pants Book Cover Timmy Failure 6 - Cat Stole my Pants
Stephan Pastis

This is the sixth book in the series and it’s called the Cat Stole my Pants because when Timmy meets his real dad (not Doorman Dave) he loses his trousers and he blames it on the cat with six toes!

These books are about a boy called Timmy Failure who thinks he’s a good detective but he hasn’t solved any mysteries in any of the 6 books, so this shows he is a terrible detective (obviously not like Sherlock Holmes!).

In this book, Timmy’s mum and stepdad, Doorman Dave, are on honeymoon on an island called Key West and unfortunately for Timmy, he has to go with them! His stepdad’s nephew, Emilio, is also there. Emilio becomes Timmy’s unpaid intern because Total, Timmy’s obese chicken nugget loving polar bear had swum to Cuba. Emilio has an interesting hobby; he likes to read romance novels in his spare time.

A few days into the holiday, Timmy goes fishing with Doorman Dave but Emilio doesn’t go with them due to the fact that he’s a bit “sniffly”, and fishing would make it worse! On the same day, a note falls out of one of Emilio’s romance novels saying;


Who is this message from and what do they want?

When Timmy finishes reading the note, he runs to climb the lighthouse with Emilio to try to spot the person who wrote it but he gets turned away as he has no money!

So, Timmy decides to write a book! Surely, this will make him some money! Timmy comes up with an inspirational quote for this bestseller – “If you are determined to succeed in life, nothing can stop you. Except maybe a truck because if a truck runs you over, you would pretty much be stopped!”

Prior to this, Corrina, Corrina (Timmy’s enemy) videophones him on his mum’s laptop to tell him that he has to read a 3,000 page long book for summer school and do a book report on it, so he gets Total to do it for him!

At the book sale and signing, Timmy only sells the table he is using for $50, which is enough to go up to the lighthouse but it isn’t a successful trip for Timmy! However, Emilio gets a new pet – a baby chicken called Edward Higglebottom the third.

When Timmy gets home, he finds a telegram from Total saying he won’t do the book report. So, next on the list is Emilio…. However, Timmy’s mum tells him that it is Emilio who has been writing the notes all along… CASE CLOSED!

Or is it?? What’s the meaning of the message in the conch shell which later hits Timmy’s window? “STAY AWAY FROM THE CAPTAIN’S MONEY”???

You’ll have to read the book to find out.

We recommend it to 9+ adventure and comedy lovers. We give it 5*****.

Luckily, we succeeded in finishing the book without being hit by a truck! 🙂


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