Timmy Failure – Mistakes were made

2nd March 2013
Timmy Failure - Mistakes were made Book Cover Timmy Failure - Mistakes were made
Stephen Pastis

The book is about a boy called Timmy Failure and his business partner Total, the Polar Bear. Timmy is a rubbish detective because he can’t solve any crimes! Corrina, Corrina is someone in his class who is also a detective and Timmy does not like her because he thinks she is sabotaging his business! Her business name is CCIA – Corrina Corrina Intelligence Agency but he thinks it stands for Corrina Corrina is Asinine! J

I enjoyed reading Timmy’s personal notes because they were funny and I loved the pictures.

My favourite character is Timmy because he is hilarious and a little bit crazy. I also like Molly Moskins because she is madly in love with Timmy and makes up pretend crimes for him to solve to waste his time.

The book is enjoyable, exciting, and hysterical. I loved it! I think it is good for boys and girls aged 8+. I give it 10/10.


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