Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection no.4

9th August 2015
Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection no.4 Book Cover Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your protection no.4
Timmy Failure
Stephan Pastis

This is the 4th book in an amazing series. The books are about a boy called Timmy Failure who is a detective but he isn’t a very good one! The series is funny and I recommend this book to 7+readers who like funny stories. If you like Tom Gates or Wimpy Kid, the Timmy Failure books are for you! 🙂

In this book, Timmy is trying to find out who stole the money from Yip Yap. Yip Yap is a group of children from Timmy’s school, who are trying to raise money for a boy called Yergi Plimkin who has no books. One week, they had 120 dollars but the next week they only had 12 cents!

However, Timmy can’t investigate because Timmy’s holiday is not at home – he is helping Mum’s new boyfriend Doorman Dave move into his new house in Chicago. On the way, Mum’s car breaks down so her new friend Esther takes him and Total the Polar Bear to Chicago while Mum waits for the breakdown truck. Mum’s friend Esther happens to be Molly Moskin’s mum and according to Timmy, Molly has committed many crimes.

Can he find Yip Yap’s stolen money?

Who stole it?

Can he survive with Molly’s affections around?

This is a great book and I give it 101/10!



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