What on Earth? The Timeline Collection

6th February 2017
What on Earth? The Timeline Collection Book Cover What on Earth? The Timeline Collection
Christopher Lloyd


  1. Big History

This book is all about history in the universe (even space) from The Big Bang to today. It includes major events such as The Great Fire of London, The Black Death and the World Wars.

  1. Nature

This book is about life, plants, animals and rocks. Starting from the discovery of the first bacteria to global warming. It includes events like the end of the dinosaurs and the Stone and Ice Ages.

  1. Sports

This book is all about sports, starting from the first gladiators to the most recent Super Bowl. It includes events such as Lance Armstrong winning 7 Tour de France races in a row and then admitting to taking drugs!

  1. Science

This book is about science from Archimedes’’ Theory of how volume can be measured through water displacement to the invention of the Rubik’s Cube.  It includes events like Einstein’s Theory E = mc 2.

  1. Shakespeare

This book is all about Shakespeare from Richard III to Henry VII. It includes plays such as Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

  1. British History

This book is about history in Britain from Stonehenge to Brexit and includes many major events such as the Battle of Hastings and the War of the Roses.


There are 6 books in this series and each book is made up of a 2 metre timeline and informative newspaper cuttings. The book gives you lots of interesting facts and can help you learn whilst having fun. It also has a quiz and crossword at the back to test your knowledge. This is one of my favourite parts of the book!

I really enjoyed this series of books and in my opinion, it is the best non-fiction series around! I hope there will be more books in this series!

I don’t have a favourite book in this series so I recommend you read them all! I recommend it to 11+ students as it has some complicated words in it but younger children might find useful facts and information that they can also use for projects and schoolwork.

I give the books 5*.





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