When my mum threw out the TV

8th August 2017
When my mum threw out the TV Book Cover When my mum threw out the TV
Emily Smith

This is one of my Summer Reading Challenge books from the library, which is why it’s quite an old book. It’s still worth reading though if you can find a copy!

This book is about a boy called Jeff who loves TV. His mum is fed up of him watching TV so she locks it up in the wardrobe, then she gives it to an old lady for a few MONTHS! At Jeff’s school he can’t join in the latest gossip as he hasn’t watched the latest show, Cybernauts. He has no interests in it; this is why no one in his class is his friend!

One day, he meets a girl called Dizzi, in the library and they become best friends. Dizzi enters him to go on the Cybernauts show. He becomes one of the few contestants. He tries 6 hard challenges and completes them all; not like the other contestants who fail miserably on the first test. His classmates are amazed when they see him on the TV!!!!

Does he get the TV back?

Read this book to find out. I recommend it to 7+ good readers. I give it 5 stars. Keep this book TOP SECRET from mums in case they get a few ideas from it!


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