Who Let the Gods Out

9th January 2017
Who Let the Gods Out Book Cover Who Let the Gods Out
Maz Evans

This book is about a boy called Elliot and his mum Josie; together they live at Home Farm. This story begins when Josie starts to lose her memory. One night a big ball crashes into their shed. Elliot goes to their shed to find a girl who calls herself Virgo and says she is immortal. He invites her into his house. The next day he tries to bring Virgo to the police station as he thinks she is lost. Soon she proves that she is immortal.

She explains to Elliot that she is on a mission and has to bring a secret potion called Ambrosia to a dangerous prisoner, Prisoner Forty Two, who was imprisoned under Stonehenge. When they get to Prisoner Forty Two, Elliot accidentally sets him free. THANATOS the daemon of death is now free to cause havoc.

While all this is going on Mrs Porshley Plum, A.K.A Mrs Horse Bum, (Elliot’s neighbour) wants to con Josie into selling Home Farm for £20 so that she can knock it down and build loads of new houses; making her richer.

  1. Will Elliot and Virgo defeat Thanatos, Daemon of Death?
  2. Will Thanatos get the other Daemons back?
  3. Can Elliot save the world and Home Farm at the same time?

I really enjoyed the book. I really liked how it was 2 stories fused in one and how it all happened at the same time. At first the story is slow to get started; don’t let that put you off, then it gets really exciting! It would have been good to have some illustrations in the book to help tell the story. If you like Harry Potter you will like this book as well.

I found it really funny. I recommend it to 9+ and give it 999/99.


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