Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost

8th March 2015
Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost Book Cover Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost
Pamela Butchart

This book is about class 2R in WigglesBottom Primary and the book has 3 stories. I’m going to tell you about The Curse of the Itchy Carpet! Class 2R did show and tell and Bobby brought in a weird box which said Danger, Beware and DO NOT OPEN! Then Sunita opened it before Bobby could give it to the teacher AND during storytime the Curse CAME ALIVE! All the children were itching here and there, they were itching everywhere and the teacher especially was itching her bum! J

Was the curse real?

Did the teacher stop itching her bum?

You’ll have to read this hilarious, funny book.

I like this book because it’s got cool illustrations and 3 laugh out loud stories.

I recommend it to ages 6-7 early readers.

I give it 101/100.

Becka Moor and Pamela Butchart – please write more books in the series as I love them! J


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