William Wenton and the Secret Portal

10th August 2018
William Wenton and the Secret Portal Book Cover William Wenton and the Secret Portal
Bobbie Peers

William Wenton was a world class code breaker. He was also wanted by everyone as they wanted him to solve the latest puzzle, “The Difficulty”.

One day, something went badly wrong and the luridium in his body all of a sudden stopped working. He was even beaten on “The Difficulty” by his enemy! William was taken to the Institute for Post-Human Research, only to find that a few people were working. No one told William why! But when a cockroach full of luridium went missing, William had to go on a mission! He had to face his enemy and stop him from releasing a portal of unknown power.

Did he stop the portal?

I give it 5***** and recommend it to 9+ adventure fans. Read the first book as it will make this book easier to understand! We’ve reviewed it too!


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