Wresting Trolls – Book 1

6th January 2014
Wresting Trolls - Book 1 Book Cover Wresting Trolls - Book 1
Jim Eldridge

These stories are about a boy called Jack. He likes wrestling and knows all about it too. He loves Wresting Trolls and his wish comes true the day he is enrolled to be an assistant trainer for WWT (Waldos Wrestling Trolls).

In part 2, while he is Big Rocks partner, he finds out that he is half troll, half human! Also in part 2 he ends up trying to save a princess from General Pepper (her parsimonious uncle). The princess was a very, very good wrestler but her uncle made himself the leader, put her in the dungeon and banned wrestling!

I liked the book but the puzzles made it more superb!

I recommend this to 8+ wrestling fans because there is a lot of information about wrestling in the book.

I give it 10/10 even though I don’t like wrestling because I liked the story!


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