You are Awesome

11th March 2018
You are Awesome Book Cover You are Awesome
Matthew Syed


This book is AWESOME! This book has boosted my confidence! Before I read “You are Awesome”, I had a Fixed Mindset but now I have a Growth Mindset! Some famous people have also made mistakes or have been rejected, like J K Rowling, who was rejected by 32 publishers with her first Harry Potter book. This book teaches you that some things don’t always go to plan but you must never give up! Imagine if J K Rowling had given up? There would be no books, no films, no Harry Potter World … nothing!

The book also ties in with the National Curriculum. My school talks about having a Growth Mindset a lot!

I give this book 5/5 and recommend it to 8+ children. I also think that adults and teachers should read it too! This book will boost your confidence at home and at school.




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