My Brother is a Superhero

18th March 2015
My Brother is a Superhero Book Cover My Brother is a Superhero
David Solomons

This book is about 2 brothers. One of them is a superhero and his name is Zack. His brother Luke could have been one too but unfortunately he needed a wee at the wrong moment.  Zack got his powers from an alien from a universe parallel to ours, where everything is the same apart from green is red and sponge cake tastes different. The alien was called Zorbon the Decider. Zack was given powers to destroy Nemesis. One of his powers is telekinesis but he has 5 others that he finds out about later in the story.

Zack’s superhero name is Star Lad. Zack is secretly in love with a girl called Cara whose sister is called Lara. Zack’s first mission was to save Cara’s phone as it fell down the drain. For this mission, he used telekinesis and when Cara asks how he did it, he sort of lets his emotions show by asking her for a kiss by accident. A few days later, he saved Cara again by stopping a bus that she was on because its brakes weren’t working. He uses telekinesis again to lift the bus up until the wheels stopped turning round and round.

The next day Luke is at the comic store when in comes Lara and walks up to him and his friend Serge (he is French). She declares that she knows how to unmask Star Lad and she wants to put it in the newspaper and be the most famous news reporter in the world! But when they get to the security room of the comic store, someone has already taken the footage of Star Lad. So Lara and Luke interview Christopher Talbot (the leader of the comic store) because he is the only one who has access to the footage and he tells them to go and see Walter Edmund Go.  The next day someone kidnaps Zack and no one knows who it is. Then after that, it’s Luke’s job to try to save Star Lad!

But can he?

Does he survive?

Does he stop Nemesis?

Who is Walter Edmund Go?

Do they unmask Star Lad?

Read the book to find the answers!

This is a great book and although it was a slow book to read, I really enjoyed the fantasy!

I recommend this book to 10+ superhero fans who love adventure books.

I give this book a green, I mean red, I mean great 101/100!


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