The Dreamsnatcher

14th August 2017
The Dreamsnatcher Book Cover The Dreamsnatcher
Abi Elphinstone

Review by Daniel:

This book is about a girl called Moll, a mysterious person called Skull and Moll’s wild cat Gruff. Moll woke up one night in her camp as she heard drums and rattles and calling. The dream snatch had started…

Moll was the most important person in the Ancientwood even though she didn’t know it! One night she was caught by Skull’s henchmen and was locked in a cage because she couldn’t give them dark magic. She tried to escape with a boy called Alfie but they failed on their first attempt but they didn’t give up! They finally managed to successfully escape.

What did they do to escape?

Did they stop the evil Skull?

Skull had an evil secret but what was it?

You will have to read the book to find out!

I recommend this book to 9+ adventure lovers. This is the first book in the trilogy and I am just reading the second book at the moment. I have had the pleasure of meeting Abi and she was amazing. I found out the inspiration for her books which is top secret! Hopefully you’ll get the chance to meet her too one day and hear her stories!

A few words from Alexander:

Abi Elphinstone is AMAZING and I love all of her books. There are three books in this series and she is currently writing a new book at the moment.

I discovered Abi Elphinstone’s books by chance and when I started reading them, I couldn’t put them down.

If you like books that have mystery, magic, adventures and great descriptions, Abi’s books are definitely for you.

I am not going to give you a review of this book as my brother has done it but I recommend it and give it 5*****.


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