Dear Scarlett

3rd February 2013
Dear Scarlett Book Cover Dear Scarlett
Fleur Hitchcock

Scarlett’s dad was called Richard McNally and on Scarlett’s 11th birthday, 5 years after her father died, she got a box from her father’s solicitor which made her wonder if he really was a notorious jewel thief or something much more exciting!!! Scarlett and her new friend Ellie go on a big adventure that leads to the truth about her father. Most of the clues that would lead her through her father’s life were in the box he gave her. The most important clues were “keep looking up” and “keep up the gym” and at the end of the book she finds out how to use them.

The book was very funny, scary, mysterious and exciting and it kept me entertained.

My favourite character is Syd, Scarlett’s brother because he is funny and makes me laugh when he tries to speak. I recommend this book to children who like mysteries and going on adventures. I think children aged 7 would still understand the story and enjoy it even though it is for age 9+.

I give this book 5/5 because it is brilliant. I would like to read more of Fleur Hitchcock’s books.


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