Hari and his electric feet

14th November 2017
Hari and his electric feet Book Cover Hari and his electric feet
Alexander McCall Smith

This book is about a boy called Hari, who is an ordinary boy with a great talent. One day, a Bollywood musical was being recorded down a street so he went to watch it. This is where his dancing inspiration came from! A local man realised that Hari loved to dance so he told him that he should show his talent to the world.

So, the next day Hari began dancing on the street. His dancing could hypnotise anyone to have a little jive! On this particular day, everyone who watched Hari was dancing… except for one man! But who was he? Why wasn’t he dancing?

The next day, Hari bumped into two people who were watching him the day before. They went to the market and told Hari to dance! This was part of their masterplan. What was this masterplan?

Alexander McCall Smith is a great author to explore especially if you are a starting to read as a lot of his books are not too complicated. I think all his books are brilliant!

I recommend this book to 8+. I give it 10/10.


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